The Niagara Jr. Thunderwolves program is about the total development of the student-athlete. Our top priority, is to help each individual maximize their potential, both on and off the field. The young men who are accepted into the NJT program possess the athleticism and tools to be successful. Our goal is to help them improve every facet of their game.


Each player is treated as an individual and is given instruction by quality instructors. All of our instructors have college and/or high school baseball experience. Each instructor must have a stellar reputation, a strong knowledge of baseball, outstanding communication skills, solid leadership qualities and a true passion to help players develop.

Benevolent; act of kindness and goodwill towards others, "we" over "me" mentality

Ethics; moral principles that govern our groups behavior

Gratitude; grateful for the opportunities that we have been blessed with

Responsible; choose your response, control what we can control

Excellence in Effort; being at our best in everything that we do, every day

Attitude; energy givers, relentless positive energy

Toughness; mentally and physically, embrace adversity

Limited Teams

Program Pillars;Be Great!

Maximum Exposure

"Program Mission Statement"

To guide & enhance the advancement of each player.
To teach dedication and ethics in every aspect of their "baseball related" lives; to include academics, relationships & honest accountability through athletics.
To develop maturity of ballplayers as people through respect and appreciation of the opportunities they have been provided playing this great game.
To provide the best "Teachers/Coaches" with vast and varied experience at all levels to create an exceptional foundation of learning. 
To present the most enjoyable experience through high end competition. 

We are committed to helping kids maximize their potential, and one of the key attributes to getting the most out of themselves, is to keep them from getting into their own way.  We believe that mentality is everything, and that mental toughness can be taught, and mastered.  Our players are taught how to focus on the process, rather than outcomes, and how controlling our responses with relentless positive energy can transform our futures.  We learn to embrace adversity, while working towards our goals.   

The NJT play in the local travel circuit as well as participate in some of the top tournaments throughout the region and country. Our teams have participated in tournaments at Cooperstown, the Ripken Experience, Sports Force Park at Cedar Point, Diamond Nation, the New England Baseball Complex, as well as college campuses throughout the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic.  Our goal is to challenge the student-athletes in our program by competing against the best teams possible.    

Player Development & Quality Instruction

Process vs. Outcome

Competitive Schedule 

​​Baseball Development Program 

  Be part of the tradition!

The Niagara Jr. Thunderwolves are a youth baseball development program based in Niagara County, NY, dedicated to the total development of youth baseball players in Western New York and Southern Ontario.

The Jr. Thunderwolves programs are open to players, parents, and coaches; who are committed to advance their knowledge and skills while participating in a first class competitive environment.   

This program is geared to the players/families who are interested in taking progressive steps toward the betterment of the athlete's physical, mental, and emotional capabilities within a competitive sport that translates positively to everyday situations.

The Jr. Thunderwolves program provides a complete "year round" training program on the Campus of Niagara County Community College and at the new baseball/softball complex in the Niagara International Sports & Entertainment Center in Niagara-Wheatfield, NY.


While the trend among many organizations in “travel baseball” is to form as many teams as possible, we have taken the exact opposite approach, focusing on the quality of instruction to each individual. We are focused on helping players with elite level skills to maximize their athletic potential.

Our college scout program has seen 60+ student-athletes commit to playing college baseball over the past six years.  During that time, 30 of our student-athletes have received Division I or II scholarships, more than any program in Western New York.  In addition, our program has seen two alumni drafted (Charlie Mack & Matt Cross).


Our success has attracted many college coaches to our games, creating high exposure opportunities for all of our players.  Our programs have been invited to some of the best tournaments in the country, including Perfect Game's WWBA National Championships in Marietta, GA, and WWBA Underclass World Champioships in Fort Myers, FL.